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Canines are amazing creatures.  They demonstrate many different kinds of emotions and characteristics.  One can describe how a canine is reacting to a situation by their eyes, eye lids and brows, ears, vocals, snout (closed teeth or parted teeth), paws, and tail.  Canines also show if they feel threatened, stressed, playful or even tired just by the position of their bodies.  There will always be some type of warning sign to let a human or other animal know if the canine is feeling threatened. 


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Helping animals achieve balance by reducing stress and discomfort & increasing relaxation and rejuvenation!

Animal Behavior - Boxers

I guarantee to make a difference in your pet! Plus he/she will completely love it!! 

"Millie allowed this little girl to come out of her shell and eventually adopted by a young couple... "

-Katherine BAC



Canine Massage and Animal Body Work, including Energy & Holistic .  I guarantee a difference in your pet!


"An animals greatest gift is their unconditional love for you....Give back to your animal, or an animal in need with the touch of Massage or Reiki!"