From Hands to Paws...

      "My canine companion Molly Ann, whom is 9 years old started to have arthritis problems a year ago. Within the past few months her arthritis started to get worse. The vet prescribed medicine and recommended shot treatments if things didn’t get better.  Sadly things didn’t get better.  She would look at me and I could just tell by the look in her eyes she was uncomfortable. It killed me to look at her. Right before Molly Ann’s arthritis started I had a miscarriage, hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through. But Molly Ann made it much easier, staying right by my side through it all. It was now my turn to be by her side. I didn’t want Molly Ann to be living on pain pills and shots. I wanted her to have the best quality life possible.
      With that being said, I then decided to try massage therapy and Reiki by Millie.  Her services were affordable and she came right to my house. It almost seemed too good to be true. I called and made an appointment. At this point Molly Ann would cry as she got up from lying down, had a hard time going to the bathroom and would even have a hard time walking. Millie came to the house and worked on Molly Ann for a full hour. That night we noticed a difference. Then in the morning we noticed a HUGE difference. Molly Ann was getting better. It was amazing! My father who didn’t believe it would work said to me "Good call."
       I can't thank Millie Enough and will help spread the word of her services the best I can.  It really works.  The best part is, Molly Ann is having and will continue to have maintenance therapy sessions with Millie and is no longer on the medicine and will not need the shot treatments anytime soon! "  - Cindy D.

     "Cookie was brought to the pound as a skinny little girl th at was near impossible to catch.  When she was finally caught this little girl was afraid of her own shadow and anyone that laid eyes on her.  Janet, Anna and I were afraid she would never come around and be adoptable.  Millie came to the Belchertown Pound looking for an internship to complete for her studies at Bancroft School of Massage Therapy.  She took on Cookie within a few visits from Millie, we could see a change in Cookie's behavior.  Her progress was a slow process, but without Millie, Cookie wouldn't have become the dog she is today.  Millie allowed this little girl to come out of her shell and eventually adopted by a young couple "  - Katherine (Former Belchertown Animal Control Officer)

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 " Millie has been coming to my home on a regular basis to massage my miniature schnauzer, Heidi.  I adopted Heidi from the South in mid September.  She arrived with a previously broken leg that had a pin inserted. Roughly, one month later I had to have her dislocated hip operated on.  When she arrived Heidi would not walk on all four legs. 
    Millie has been just wonderful with Heidi, and my other dogs.  She is very conscientious in her work with her.  Heidi loves her coming. She will actually fall asleep when Millie is working on her.  Now that's enjoyment!
    My other two dogs line up and almost say, "Me too! Me too!" Millie has also worked on them a few times as well.  Just from watching Millie work on my dog you can tell she's a true animal lover. It is a great feeling to know that your dog is in the hands of someone who cares and loves animals! 
    My dog has been coming along wonderful since Millie has been working on her. We had a break through and my dog has started to actually put her foot down and used it. YEAH MILLIE!!!!! I highly recommend Millie and those "wonderful magic" hands!!!! " - Elaine G.

       "I contacted Millie in hopes she could help my 12 year old greyhound Joey.  He has multiple issues with the vertebrae in his cervical spine, therefore when his neck is out; he is in extreme pain.  I also bring him to a Chiropractor. Along with his neck issues, Joey has a bad rear leg which makes him limp a lot.  I have spent a lot of money trying to find a cure for his limping issue and have had no such luck.  Joey was on pain medications along with an anti-inflammatory prior to Millie working on him.
        Desperate to get help for him, I emailed Millie. . . I did not want Joey to have to live the rest of his life on a pain medication; I wanted him to be comfortable and happy.  Millie has proven to be a God send.  She has helped Joey so much, no more pain meds, no more limping.  I do believe he takes in all the Reiki, and surely loves the massage work.   Millie comes here once a month for maintenance care for Joey.  What Millie has done with Joey is truly a miracle!
       If you have a pet that you really, really care about please contact Millie.  Without a doubt, she will help your pet in more ways than one.  Joey is always happy to see her, and knows why she is there.  Millie also worked a few times on our beloved Lola, who recently passed.  Joey didn’t mind sharing Millie for a few months." - Dorothy L.

"My name is Mary and yes I am Millie’s mother.  For several months now Millie has been massaging my dog Meia.  She’s a Chihuahua/Poodle, 9 years old and the energy of a puppy.   Meia has a bad habit of jumping which makes her left hip slip out of place.  This is very painful for her.  Since her sessions she has been able to do the long walks with our boxers again pain free.  Her hip hardly ever bothers her know.  Meia has become very spoiled to having Massage and Reiki.  She is always in my husband and my lap putting her head in our hands.   Millie has shown us some techniques that we do to help please Meia.  We believe that with Millie’s sessions will give Meia a healthier and longer quality of life. Thank You"      -  Mary C.     

 My name is Sandra Haley and this is a story about my nine-year-old boxer whose name is Gordon. Gordon is the light of my eye and the center of my heart. Due to an undiagnosed thyroid issue, he had gained a significant amount of weight the past year.  To add to his misery, we moved into a new home with a steep winding staircase at the entry this past spring.  His age, his weight, and our daily activity…. They all conspired against him.  Poor guy, his hips started hurting him.
     Of course we went to our regular vet, who niftily diagnosed the thyroi d issue and set us on the right track with weight loss. But the long-term solution didn’t fix his pain.  Watching Gordon wince instead of bound out the door for our walks was heartrending.  As boxer owners know, their joy for life and senses of humor are their greatest gifts.
     I sought Millie’s help to deal with any injury to his hips, and to help him manage pain while we worked to solve the root cause. Gordon already knew Millie from our mutual volunteer work with a local boxer rescue group.  He was comfortable and pleased to see her, and contentedly allowed her to freely touch him. In fact, he returned more than once for more! He obviously enjoyed and appreciated the session very much.
     That evening, he seemed a little bit better. There wasn’t an immediate astounding full recover: no miracle occurred.  However, over the next few days his hips seemed to bother him less. Gordon began to improve very quickly after his session with Millie, much more quickly than he had been progressing beforehand. Although he occasionally hesitates before jumping up onto the riverbank, his comfort with daily activities as returned.  He has much less pain and his range of motion in the joints has widened.  Being able to exercise more has the added benefit of helping him to lose the excess weight a little faster.
     The turning point was his Reiki session with Millie. I credit her help in his recovery.  Having an older dog, one worries about quality of life toward the end of their time with us.  We all secretly fear that our beloved friend will end up with a debilitating condition that will end their lives prematurely.  Gordon is my dear friend, my best companion, a stellar dog in every way.  Extending our years of happy play in the woods was a fit beyond measure.  Reiki Works!    - Sandra H. 

 "Our Australian Shepherd, Dublin, was wincing and trying to get a t his back end, like it itched or something. He would whine for what seemed to be no reason. We had Millie come over, and she immediately found a knot on the inside of one of his legs. Millie worked on him, with the help of my 4-year old! Dublin loved it. He stayed still for it, even with kids and his sister running around.
    The next time Millie came over to work on him, he knew exactly what she was there for and laid down, ready for the relief. Millie worked on Dublin 3 or 4 times, and the whining and struggling to get at the sore spot on himself went away. Having had knots worked on myself, I know what a great feeling it can be when they have been smoothed over. Every once and a while, my 4-year old will try his own technique on Dublin!"    - Heather C. & Family 

    "Bentley is a 16.3hh 6 year old Thoroughbred that lived his first 4 to 5 years in a pasture in Indiana.  Always a calm and easy going horse, he was having trouble holding his back lead at the canter.  His first experience with Reiki was with Millie at Muddy Brook Farm.  I noticed immediately the effect this had on him.  I noticed his lower lip start to hang and he actually fell into a “Reiki trance” becoming so relaxed that he began to drool, doze off and leaning into the wall. 
    Bentley was brought back to Muddy Brook as soon as I discovered that the barn he was at was feeding him a type of tranquilizing medication. Once back at Muddy Brook Millie began Reiki once or twice a week as he needed to detox from his awful experience. It was quickly noticed how much more relaxed and calm Bentley started to become, and he soon became the horse I knew once again.  
    Because of an abscess over the winter he was forced to have a lot of stall rest.  Not being able to go out and walk around or even "play" with other horses, made him extremely temperamental, irritable and he could not get rid of all his pent up energy.  Millie performed Reiki, and again, this technique quickly made him feel secure in his stall and improved his general sense of well-being. 
    I have heard Reiki has been used for multiple purposes but can't say enough about how it benefited Bentley."   - Susan       

     "Your Reiking did amazing work on my horse Theo, who is a 17.3hh 10 year old Dutch Warmblood.  I did not believe in it until you showed me how it works and I started to see results.  In between my classes at the horse show, from class 1 to class 2, I could not believe how relaxed and supple my horse had become after just one session of Reiki.  Then throughout the week he improved.  Instead of having to slow him down, I had to kick him forward!  It was truly UNBELIEVEABLE!  Thanks so much Millie!"        ~ Mary


  "I have a two and a half year old Brittany Spaniel named Tessa.  She is a very active dog that loves to run as well as hunt, swim, and play ball.  For a 35 lb dog she has jaws of steel and neck muscles like a rotty.  She picks up soccer balls and runs around with them for hours in our 2 acre back yard as well as oversized zucchini and logs. 
    Millie has worked with Tessa a few times now and after the first few minutes of excited greeting, she calms right down as soon as Millie lays hands on her.  Millie explains to me what she is doing to Tessa and what she is finding.  Tessa lets Millie know what she wants massaged by turning that part of her body to Millie’s hands.  It’s actually quite funny to watch.  

    She likes her front legs massaged and when she is ready for them she faces Millie and holds up her paw to her.  When she has had enough she will put it down until she is ready again.  When Millie leaves Tessa goes into the bedroom, curls up with her stuffed fox (her equivalent of a binky) and goes to bed for the night even if it 7pm.  It’s amazing how much it relaxes her and how excited she gets to see Millie.  I have used acupuncture and chiropractic practices on my last Brittany and it helped her immensely, so maybe by Millie performing massage and Reiki on Tessa now, we won’t get to that point."   - Becky C.