Would you like to learn the secret into your pets heart? I can teach you the basic massage technique strokes that will turn your fur-baby upside down! Trust me, animals can tell the difference between a "petting" or a "massage". Your furry love will jump with joy! You will never be able to just "pet" your animal again!

 Workshops are available for anybody who is interested in learning.  I will teach you the basic massage strokes, along with some tips and tricks to increase your bond with your animal, promote relaxation and rejuvenation as well as so much more!    


From Hands to Paws...

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"She was very patient and kind. My dog really seemed to relax and enjoy his massage" - Erika & Rookie

"Millie was wonderful with Bella.  She was able to calm her down pretty quickly.  Bella didnt want to leave, she kept coming back for more." - Annette & Bella

"Millie was great with Beckham.  She has alot of knowledge of what she does.  Very good at calming an excited pet.  I'd love to bring him back again! - Barbara & Beckham

"So patient with the hyper puppy.  She did a great job and got a few great calm moments" - Megan & Ella

"Fenway is excitable but Millie was able to manage different positions well.  Fenway calmed down quite a bit and seemed to love it!" – Chris & Fenway
"Bunny seemed to really enjoy her massage.  It was wonderful meeting you and we’ll catch you at the valley!" – Brenda, Rick & Bunny

"I can see immediate pain relief and relaxation" – Maureen & Honey

"Well, Arthur totally loved this massage.  Millie was great and had a great way with Arthur" – Pat & Arthur

"Baby love it!  Thank you.  Old guys like him need special attention sometimes!" – Judy & Baby