Why Massage, Canine Kinesiology Taping, Animal Energy and Body Works?  
    It's that Simple!  Just like us humans, animals suffer from the same (just to name a few) pains, lack of range of motion, energy level, depression, and anxiety.   All massage and body work is applied safely and effectively will benefit each individual animal in the highest level of need.  Holistic techniques are a natural way of managing your animal(s) health and prolonging quality of life.  Wouldn’t you want your beloved fur-family member to live a longer happier life?   

Benefits of Animal Massage, Energy & Body Work:

*Promotes a caring touch and bond
*Improves disposition and gait
*Helps build muscle   
*Increases circulation and flexibility
*Releases knots
*Early detection of abnormalities
*Reduces post surgery recovery time      
*Improves range of motion & maintains balance
*Decreases muscle spasms/contractions
*Relieves constipation
*Helps with transitions
*Reduces stress, anxiety and depression 
*Improves skin condition
*Enhances athletic performance
*Reduces inflammation and swelling
*Increase comfort levels in geriatric animals  
*Reduces pain, discomfort, stiffness, and soreness
*Facilitates training as a reward for positive reinforcement
*Increases relaxation, rejuvenation, and energy level
*Cleanses toxins within the body & Strengthens the immune system


*It is normal for a dog to be quiet, relaxed, and lethargic after their first session. 

 *Make sure that there is consistent access to water for your dog. 

 *Each animal will receive the most beneficial session - fit to their wants and needs - Ranging from 15 mins to an Hour

*Canine Massage, Animal Energy & Body Work are NOT a substitute for Veterinary Care.

Please remember, your animals should still have their regular Veterinary Care*  


From Hands to Paws...

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