Certified Small Animal Massage Practitioner
             Studied at Bancroft School of Massage Therapy – Small Animal Massage Program, a 200 hour training program with an in-depth learning in canine/feline anatomy, animal behavior, animal first aid, gait analysis, and advanced massage techniques. www.bancroftsmt.com

Certified Canine Kinesiology Tape Practitioner
             ~ Trained / Studied thru Angel's Animals Canine Kinesiology Taping Coarse/Technique
Angel's Animal Seminars, Dr Angelique Barbara, MS, DC www.holisticanimalstudies.org

Certified Reiki Practitioner Level II
            ~ Attuned by Michelle McCarthy, registered Reiki Master/Teacher and owner of The Heart 2 Heart Healing Connection, www.heart2hearthealing.com 

Certified Integrated Energy Therapy Basic & For Pets

        Attuned by Michelle McCarthy, registered I.E.T. Instructor/Trainer and owner of The Heart 2 Heart Healing Connection, www.heart2hearthealing.com 

Certified Canine First Aid/CPR - RedCross

   My passion to heal animals, specifically dogs and horses, originates in a life-long love of animals.  I grew up in a household that consisted of cats, dogs & horses. Each of them taught me how to live, love, laugh & be courageous.  I have always and will always put the health and well-being of my animals and any animals that come into my life first.  

Leigha Belle and Durango are my Boxers, and James is my horse.  Every day they teach me something new. As my inspirations, they show me why it is important to share my passion and expertise with others to help change the animal world.  These three goofballs encourage me continue to learn, grow and follow my dreams.

Rescue work will always be a part of my life.  For many years I have worked with rescues, shelters and individuals to help retrain, heal, rehabilitate and re-home dogs in need. There is no other feeling like the feeling of a dog finding their forever home!  

I know that every dog, horse or any other animal that comes into my life is there for a reason. I take in what I learn from each animal and bring forward the knowledge.  I knew from the start that the animal world is where I need to be. It is my passion, and it is my calling.
                                    Happy Tail Waggin' & Hoof Stompin'

​                                                                                               - Millie Czerwinski


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